• Independent Financial Advice

    proud, professional, trustworthy and based in Bath

  • Providing advice for 20yrs

    friendly, jargon free and in plain English

  • Building solid relationships

    longterm, based on trust and honesty

  • We do what's best for you!

    Fee based, fair and transparent

At Robson Taylor IFA Ltd

Our client relationships are our most valuable assets, so we make certain we look after them.

Robson Taylor IFA Ltd provides totally independent, jargon free financial advice in plain English to individuals and companies in a transparent and honest manner. Being Independent means that we are not tied to any providers/services. We will work on your behalf using our knowledge of the whole market place, having the freedom and experience to recommend unbiased financial strategies.

We are a small, well established firm working in Bath and surrounding areas. We value the long term view when it comes to building relationships with you and giving advice. We are directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are large enough to help you but small enough to care.

Why Choose Robson Taylor IFA?

  • Personal, Business or Corporate Advice
  • Totally Independent
  • Proud, professional and well established, since 1995
  • Bespoke Financial Planning with care
  • We are well experienced to accurately interpret your needs
  • We value the importance of our long term relationships
  • We listen to our clients

core services

Retirement Planning

Robson Taylor IFA Ltd understands the importance of getting the golden years right. With improved health care, longer life expectancy and early retirement we help our clients set retirement goals, tax efficiently and review them regularly.


Saving for something specific or do you just want to ensure that your money is working hard for you then an Independent Financial Adviser at Robson Taylor IFA Ltd can help you. Listening to your savings goals and providing recommendations is what we do every day.


Your objectives, tax efficiency, risk, asset allocation are just a few considerations we address when helping you make the right investment decisions. From NISA's to full wealth management strategies we work closely with you to achieve ongoing results.


Protecting your loved ones, business and your estate is all part of our holistic financial planning approach. Robson Taylor IFA Ltd can guide you to value for money contracts, tax efficient strategies, trusts and ensuring that the people you care for are well protected.

other services

Inheritance Tax Migitation Planning

There are two certainties in life 'death and taxes' and when it comes to inheritance tax the two things collide. RTIFA Ltd provides advice and guidance around the implications of different tax regimes as they apply to different types of trusts. We understand that there is an increasing need for bespoke specialist advice and we are well equipped and experienced to help you in this area.


Trusts can be used to help protect your estate ensuring that nothing can stop the chosen assets being passed on to your beneficiaries. Trusts can also be used to mitigate inheritance tax, as the asset is held in Trust and therefore not part of your taxable estate when somebody dies. We are well experienced and equipped to help you in this area.

Tax Planning

Tax is a complex area and for many of us, fear of paying too little tax (and the possible consequences) means we often end up paying too much tax.

Robson Taylor IFA Ltd can help you identify all your areas of tax wastage and advise you on ways to become more tax efficient, potentially saving you a significant amount of money over the longer term. We will also be able to inform you of any changes in tax law that could affect you (either in a bad way or a good way).