Client Agreement - Our Service Propositions

Two Service Propositions
Advisory & Transactional

We pride ourselves in being open, honest, clear and transparent and it's also our aim to apply these same values in our service propositions. We like to keep it simple and therefore you have two main options either our Advisory Service or our Transactional Service.

Alternatively, you may prefer our Fixed Project Fee service.

The Cost of our Services

Our services are paid for by an Adviser Fee. We will discuss your payment options with you at our initial meeting and answer any questions you have. We will not charge you until we have agreed with you how we are to be paid.

Our Advisory and Transactional Service Propositions

Initial Meeting

At this meeting we will:

Explain how we work with our clients and the costs involved and enable you to ask questions regarding the services available to you.

Ask you to provide us with an understanding of your personal circumstances and requirements.

Assist you to identify your objectives and priorities.

Explain and agree your investment risk profile.

Finally, then agree next step.

Strategic Report

We will prepare and provide you with a report that will:

Summarising and prioritising your objectives.

Researching the available options from the whole market.

Creating an overall investment strategy taking account of your objectives, risk profile and tax position for your consideration and agreement.

Building an appropriate portfolio.

Other specific review/report services are provided as required, including.

Review of pre-existing investment portfolio.

Review of existing income and capital protection arrangements.

Inheritance tax mitigation.

Pension transfer service.

Highlighting any risks associated with the product/recommendation.

Second Meeting

A face to face explanation of strategy.

Explaining the full rationale for the recommendation strategy.

Answering all queries you might have.

Helping you reach an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Implementation Strategy

We implement the recommendations.

Provide all necessary paperwork.

Assist with completion of paperwork.

Submission and tracking of applications

Confirmation of finalisation of strategy.

Liaison with Professional Advisers as required.

Ongoing Services ( Advisory Proposition only)

Our ongoing service is only applicable to the Advisory Service only and includes:

Annual valuations.

Annual review of portfolios.

Review of your objectives and attitude to risk.

Review of existing investment/pension funds with alternatives recommended where appropriate.

Advice on income tax issues.

Advice of capital gains tax issues.

Advice on inheritance tax issues .

Investment advice.

Unlimited contact with your Financial Adviser .

Help with tax returns .

An active approach to financial planning .

Asset allocation to match both your objectives and risk profiling .

Online access for valuations of your investments, where appropriate.

Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM)

Where we recommend that some or all of your funds are invested with a discretionary fund manager (DFM) we’ll help to manage the relationship between you and the DFM.

This work typically includes:

  • Undertaking appropriate due diligence and recommending a DFM service that we believe best meets your needs and objectives.
  • Attending initial meetings with you and the DFM and ensuring that your relationship with the DFM is established correctly.

Reviewing DFM Funds

Where some or all of your funds are invested with a discretionary fund manager (DFM) we’ll help to manage the relationship between you and the DFM and monitor their performance.

This work typically includes:

  • Reviewing the DFM’s performance on a quarterly basis
  • Attending annual review meetings to ensure the DFM service continues to meet your needs, objectives and mandate

Our charges

The way we are paid for our services may depend on the type of advice given.

Typically this will be:

  • Investment business: fees agreed and paid by you
  • Insurance business: fees agreed and paid by you or commission payable by the insurance provider, which is a percentage of the total annual premium

More details on these options and how they are paid will be discussed and presented in our Client Agreement document handed to you at our first meeting.