Robson Taylor IFA Ltd believes

An investment plan needs to be as individual as your needs

Our independent advice helps individuals achieve their financial goals, irrespective of your resources or your life stage. The process begins with a thorough understanding of your current financial position, needs and ambitions. This insight is used to create a comprehensive and evolving plan, which we monitor and review to ensure you remain on track.

We believe that for investors the most important decision concerns the mix of holdings in the portfolio rather than focusing on the individual holdings themselves. To work out what is best for you we consider factors such as your financial needs and objectives, your overall resources, your attitudes to risk and for how long you want to invest.

The aim is to maximise return and minimise risk over the long term by carefully choosing different assets and blending them in a portfolio

When constructing a client’s investment portfolio we select a collection of investment assets that has collectively lower risk than any individual asset. This is possible in theory because different types of assets often change in value in opposite ways. For example, when the prices in the stock market fall, the prices in the fixed income (bond) market often increase, and vice versa. A collection of both types of assets can therefore have lower overall risk than either individually.

Risk and reward go hand in hand and you need to be comfortable with the level of fluctuation in capital values that might occur on your portfolio. We use various tools to assess and measure your risk tolerance and talk about it so that you appreciate the range of possible outcomes from your portfolio over time. We also consider your capacity to take risk and your need to take risk.

We continue to monitor your portfolio on a regular basis. We will review the performance of your investments to ensure they continue to achieve your desired objectives and keep you informed throughout the process.