It's a fact

Most people will depend on a pension to provide them with their income in retirement

The purpose of pension provision is avoiding poverty in your old age. Most people wish to continue their standard of living after retirement. A great many retire on pension between 20% - 30% of pre-retirement annual earnings.

A pension is simply a way of saving for retirement. What makes a pension different to the other methods of saving for retirement are the tax advantages offered by the Government to encourage individuals and companies to make provisions for their golden years.

Pensions are NOT new but the rules, regulations, product development and economic charge are always changing and impacting. Pensions and pension security is therefore one of the most urgent issues in Britain today. The State welfare service cannot be solely relied upon by most to sustain a comfortable standard of living.

It will increasingly be the moderate to higher earners that will experience the biggest drop in income at retirement if they do not make pension provisions. It is generally considered that matters are likely to get worse. With changing needs and regulations Robson Taylor IFA Ltd understands the importance of starting and reviewing retirement planning.

Capital requirements, income requirements, inflation, contributions, attitude to risk, ethical considerations, asset allocations and alternative sources are all considerations taken by Robson Taylor IFA Ltd before we even start to present our final recommendations. We are here to work for you.

Once Robson Taylor IFA Ltd understands your retirement goals and objectives, including analysis of existing provisions we are highly qualified and experienced to provide you with a retirement strategy, detailing funding levels and investment mix.